Hi, I’m Sarah, an eighteen year old girl from Canada. I am generally tired, a

loner, and doing shit in school when everyone expects me to do great because I look like a nerd. I have four brothers and I love to read, write, and do T.V. show marathons with my dog Macy. Welcome to my life as I wait to get out of high school. For my more info on my life, just click the ask button and I will answer the question. Thanks for checking out my blog, the only thing that keeps me sane.Enjoy.



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- Sherlock

- Benedict Cumberbatch

- Andrew Scott

- Johnlock

- Avengers

- Iron Man

- Robert Downey Jr

- Thor

- Chris Hemsworth

- Tom Hiddleston

- Pretty Little Liars

- Once Upon A Time

- Reign

- Lana Del Rey